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See what your visitors pay attention to on your website.

And what they don’t.

No Need to Login

There’s no admin panel or site to login to, and nothing to setup or forget to enable. Just add the heatmap library to your web pages & forget about it!

Only One Line of Code

Just drop one line of code into any website you want to track. Reuse the same code on multiple websites without any issues.

View from your own site

Curious about how people are using your website or app? Just press Shift + H+M from any tracked page (even this one), and see a heatmap, instantly!

’’Installing this was a no-brainer. It’s the first heatmap tool we actually use!’’

Umi Kitchen

’’Absolutely the simplest heatmaps available.’’

Thomas W.

What are you waiting for?

Grab your free embed code & add heatmaps to your site in less than five minutes. No registration required.